The Simple Way That Any Painting Contractor Can Get Exclusive Leads:

Get Exclusive Painting Leads Using Story-Based Ads

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Here's The Problem...

Most Painters Use The EXACT Same Ads As Their Competition

But when you run the exact same ads?
You get same bad results as everyone else.
Don't believe me?
Check out the below:

same ads different painters

So... Here's What We Do Different To Get You Results

It's simple... we work with you to figure out what makes you different from the competition.

That way you don't compete only on price... or rely on discounts to win customers.
Instead, you focus on how you solve your customer's problem differently from everyone else.
Here's how my approach works:

1. Learn Your Process

I sit down with you to learn about what makes you different. This is the foundation for the marketing that we will do.

test fb ads

2. Test Offers With FB Ads

Then, we test different offers for potential customers. This can range from exterior re-paints to popcorn ceiling removal.

3. Talk With Leads & Repeat

Once leads start to come in, we get feedback from them on what made them click. Then we repeat this 3-step process and continue to get you more leads.


Step 1: Free Trial


Get a two-week free trial where I run your ads for you, call all the leads, and qualify them for you.

Get a free strategy session when you book today.

Step 2: Pay For Results


If you're happy with the free trial then we continue on a "pay for results" basis. This means you only pay once the job is closed.

Get a free strategy session when you book today.

Ready? Get Exclusive Leads For Your Painting Business

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