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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Jobs

Finding a new email marketing job is stressful. Make it easier on yourself by learning the skills necessary to succeed.

Finding a new job is stressful. You find what looks to be a perfect fit based on what you’re looking for and the skills the role requires… only to receive no response after applying.

The purpose of this article is three fold:

  1. Show what email marketing jobs are available 
  2. Explain what you can expect in terms of pay and responsibilities
  3. Provide an example of someone that found an email marketing job and dive into how they did it 

If in doubt, you can also try these career growth tips to make it a bit easier to succeed as a professional.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of direct emails to promote a business’ products or services to a list of subscribers. 

Few people know that email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels, generating $36 for every $1 spent.

email marketing stats

How much can you get paid doing Email Marketing?

As an email marketer you can choose to work for a company as an employee, or you can choose to begin your own email marketing business.

  1. As an employee: email marketing salaries start from $40,000 for entry level roles and can go as high as $150,000 for an email marketing director at a more established company.
  1. As a freelancer: according to the digital marketing institute, the average freelance email marketer makes between $80,000 and $104,000 a year. Choosing to work for yourself is riskier but can lead to continued salary growth over time. 

Top 3 Email Marketing Jobs Available.

Now that you’ve thought about searching for a new email marketing job it’s important to consider what jobs are available. Let’s dive right into it!

1. Email marketing coordinator

email marketing coordinator salary

Average base pay: $59,026

Experience: 0-3 years


  • Produce and execute email campaigns, including building emails from templates, copywriting testing, and scheduling
  • Continually improve headlines, CTAs, content, and email frequency through testing and reporting
  • Conduct quality assurance on email content to ensure that it is correctly delivered across devices and email providers
  • Regularly perform email campaign analytics on deliveries, opens, click throughs, subscriptions, unsubscriptions, and revenue

Future career opportunities: Email marketing manager, digital marketing manager

2. Email marketing manager

email marketing manager salary

Average base pay: $108,159

Experience: 3-7 years


  • Lead advanced email marketing segmentation strategy and manage the automation of email marketing flows
  • Design an email marketing strategy based on your segmentation and market research
  • Present email campaign analytics and progres on key metrics  to senior management 
  • Work closely with copywriters and/or email marketing specialists to create, implement, and monitor email campaigns

Future career opportunities: Marketing director, email marketing consultant

3. Email marketing director

email marketing director salary

Average base pay: $141,916

Experience: 7+ years


  • Communicate performance metrics with executive stakeholders and shape the company’s email marketing strategy
  • Act as an internal and external expert in the email marketing domain, leading hiring, training, and development of the email marketing team
  • Deliver increasing revenue through improved email marketing strategy decisions 
  • Partner with marketing, sales, product, and legal teams to guide email marketing strategy

Future career opportunities: VP of marketing, email marketing agency owner

Email Marketing Success Story

From borrowing money for LinkedIn premium after being fired to 6-figure+ email marketing agency owner, Dolz is an example of how email marketing can change your life.

She first started her career in marketing at age 20 after graduating with a degree in product marketing.

Started working at an urban outfitters -> moved to footlocker -> worked her way up into the corporate office -> managed to land her dream job as a social media manager.

On the outside life was good. She had her dream job and was working at a large online sports retailer. In reality she was working 13 hour days for a “promised” promotion with silly terms.

Along the way, she met someone that would become a good friend and mentee. Someone that reminded Dolz of herself. They worked closely together and she was able to help her mentee get several promotions.

And along the way she entrusted her with information that should have been kept private. Little did she know that her friend recorded the full conversation and went to HR.

Within 48 hours Dolz was suspended and within 3 weeks she was fired.

And it turned out to be one of the best (and hardest) things to have happened to her.

Dolz now runs a successful email marketing agency and has generated over $21,000,000 for her clients and 6-figures+ for herself after a year and a half of running her business.

With the right experience and drive you can do the same! Now let’s get into…

Picking The Right Role For You

Marketing is a tough field to break into! Luckily, if you focus on one skill and really mastering it you can stand out when searching for email marketing jobs.

Whether deciding to work free time or to freelance, there is little danger of being stuck in this niche. When you learn email marketing you also learn copywriting, content strategy, and analytics. It makes it easy to switch careers down the road.

Let us know in the comments below what email marketing advice you would share for landing your first email marketing job. 👇

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