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How To Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Twitter

As with many things in life, growing an audience on Twitter is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Time + consistent effort = growth. It’s as simple as that! Well – almost that simple. Take it from me, it’s not easy but it’s worth it.

Growing a genuine community is a feeling like no other and can lead to opportunities that you would have never imagined.

twitter growth expectation vs reality

Skip the mistakes that we made along the way and learn how you can grow your Twitter audience from 0 to 1,000 followers using the tips below.

7 Proven Ways How to Get Followers on Twitter

Post valuable content frequently.

Think about your favorite content creators. What do they do so well?

Chances are they post content, alot of content, and teach you, entertain you, or generally improve your life. In order words they PROVIDE VALUE.

With a larger following they’ve refined their process and become experts at content creation. They know what works and what is valuable to their audience.

With a small audience, you have the liberty to find your voice and find what works for you.

Despite the relative liberty, if you are serious about growing from 0 to 1,000+ followers on Twitter you will need to tweet quality content consistently. Try:

  • 2 tweets daily
  • 2 threads weekly (these are shortcuts for growth!)
  • and 3-5 replies to other creator’s each day

It’s like going to the gym. You need to get the reps in to get stronger at creating content. And you can use those new writing muscles to create content which generates more engagement which leads to more growth.

Someone who has done this EXTREMELY well is @gramarhippy.

twitter growth george ten

In 5 months he grew his account from 0 to 20,000 followers by tweeting often and providing value in the copywriting niche that was second-to-none.

When you are first starting out and looking for inspiration for your tweets you can look to George and other strong digital marketers.

DM new followers.

Imagine someone just saw one of your tweets and decided to hit follow. While you are still fresh in their mind, take advantage of that time and introduce yourself.

  • Say hi 👋
  • Connect on a personal level (shared interest)
  • Ask them how you can help them

People appreciate this! Humans are social creatures and we crave connection. You will be one of their few follows that actually does this and it will help you stand out right away.

Example: I had a great conversation with @RyanCWalkr via DMs about paid advertising and found out that we share many of the same interests. Also, engagement offline can bring people into your conversations online.

Take the conversation offline.

Everyone on Twitter has a cool and unique story. Jump on a video call and get to know them!

A couple of benefits of connecting via video:

  • Have face-to-face discussions
  • Share relevant content
  • Talk about new ideas
  • Try fun things
  • Make friends

Bonus: if you do this once a week, you will have 50 new connections by the end of the year.

Jump onto Twitter Spaces.

People are not engaging with your tweets because they haven’t found you. But once you talk on Spaces then you can become someone that they are familiar with.

There are tons of amazing conversations going on!

Find a topic you like and engage.

Here are some of my favorite people that host spaces:

Pick a space relevant to your niche, interact regularly, and ask to be a speaker. Once you start engaging and talking people will be able to discover your Twitter.

If you’re not familiar with spaces you can check out Samantha’s thread:

how to grow twitter followers via spaces

Be someone’s first.

You’ll always remember your 1st time. 

When I started my account @IAmBoBlack engaged with my tweets and became my 1st follower. I’ve engaged with his tweets and supported him ever since.

Find a way to welcome new Twitter users with open arms and they will become your biggest fans.

Comment on big accounts.

Yes, you can directly respond to accounts with >10k followers. Odds are they will not respond to you directly.

HOWEVER, you can take advantage of a hidden trick: respond to other’s that comment on their tweets. 

Those are usually smaller accounts looking for engagement so make sure that you reply to them and get the conversation started.

Then, you can continue the conversation in their DMs. You may learn something new and earn a follow.

You can also aim to comment early and add to the conversation. Often those first tweets on posts from larger accounts get more attention and can help you grow.

Example: @heykahn posted a tweet about some of his favorite sayings and idioms. It’s a fun topic to me so I responded to a couple of questions in the comments and added to the conversation. As one of the first comments, I even had my favorite podcast re-tweet my response!

Promote others.

The least talked about way to grow on Twitter is to elevate other without expecting anything in return.

It costs $0 to retweet, congratulate someone, or comment “amazing job!”

People will always remember how you make them feel (bonus points if you make them feel good 😉)

Celebrate success selflessly.

Bonus: Shoutout those that inspire you. They may share your content or add their 2 cents in the comments and help boost your tweet.

So, what’s next?

“Writing is the highest leverage human activity.”

As you grow as a writer and as a person, your Twitter growth will follow. Don’t forget where you started and lend others a hand when you can help them.

I’m curious to hear about what has worked for you! Let me know what you’ve done to grow your Twitter in the comments below.

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