Top 5 Digital Marketing Experts That You Should Follow

While content may be king, it isn’t everything.

While content may be king, it isn’t everything. Your strategy around that content can just as important.

That’s why I analyzed over 45+ popular digital marketers and chose the top 5 that can help you learn digital marketing strategies. 

After spending several hours reading through their content, I found a couple of takeaways for any new SEO marketer looking to develop their skills.

Do you want to get better at understanding SEO, copywriting, or content creation? They’ve got your back.

Let’s jump right into the best digital marketing experts to follow right now.

1. Glen Alsopp for SEO and content creation.

Glen has been writing and learning SEO since 2006. After initially trying, and failing, to land clients he began work at an SEO agency and continued to build his website, on the side.

top 5 digital marketing experts glen

After 4 years, Glen was able to pursue his passion for SEO full time and has since then gone on to establish himself as a key voice in the field. 

Between and, his websites generate over 50k unique visitors and both sites have led to several SEO success stories. 

I was impressed when I read his playbooks and researched his SEO background. So much so that I read all of the free playbooks available from start to finish.

Outside of providing great industry insights and relevant case stories, Glen’s writing is exceptionally well structured and easy to read. Have a look yourself to see what you can gleam. 

I know that I will continue referring back to these playbooks when writing new articles.

My favorite article: the online business model that changed my life.

2. Ahref’s Blog and Youtube for Digital Marketing Basics.

Ahref’s has successfully grown from a small backlink tool in 2015 to one of the key players for SEO research in 2021, capturing approximately 10% of the English-speaking market.

top 5 digital marketing experts ahrefs

How did they do it?

  1. The team built a killer product that was easy to use
  2. Using their own tool, the marketing team created valuable content and advertised these articles across various platforms to capture new users

What can you get out of it?

Ahref provides excellent SEO resources on their youtube channel and blog. For a budding digital marketer, the SEO section of the website runs through a lot of the basics in an intuitive manner.

Personally, I have enjoyed their youtube content on backlinks and their importance in driving traffic to your website. 

My favorite video:  What is link building and why is it important?

3. Heather Lyoyd Martin for Practical SEO and Business Advice.

Heather has been in the SEO industry for over 20 years and has the knowledge and expertise to show for it!

She has appeared in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Writer’s Digest and boasts rave reviews from clients in the industry.

top 5 digital marketing experts heather

With a focus on copywriting and SEO best practices, I find myself referring to Heather’s content when facing challenges with my own site.

She has great courses on how to improve copywriting or how to get better at SEO. In addition,  you can find practical insights on running an SEO business on the SEO copywriting blog.

For folks with digital marketers in-house, there is the option to purchase in-house training and expand your team’s knowledge of the domain.

My favorite article:  Stop recommending impossible SEO content strategies do this instead

4. Harry Dry for Copywriting and Marketing Examples.

Truth be told, it was Harry that first got me interested in digital marketing and copywriting. His clear and catchy graphics + excellent copy truly make it fun to consume his content.

top 5 digital marketing experts harry

As someone that initially struggled with writing and structure, I now draw much inspiration from Harry’s case studies on marketing examples. 

He has managed to make copywriting interesting while providing practical insights. 

In doing so, he has built a newsletter following of 55,000+ and built a large community across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit. 

Although his posts are somewhat sporadic as of writing this article, the content is worth the wait. With copywriting a core aspect of digital marketing, Marketing Examples remains my starting point for copywriting inspiration and practical advice on marketing.

My favorite article: 17 tips for great copywriting

5. Brian Dean for backlinking and content structure.

Brian practices what he preaches. 

A backlink expert at heart, his site boasts the highest domain rating on ahrefs of the experts in this article. Coming in with a score of 89 and over 580k backlinks, is no joke.

top 5 digital marketing experts brian

Brian does an exceptional job at producing high-quality content with relevant and novel information. He does his research and it truly shows in his newsletter and blog.

Some of the biggest learnings from his site are those that we cannot actually see.

You might be thinking “huh, what do you mean?”

Let me explain. boasts an outstanding backlink profile which means that relevant, high-traffic sites are linking to his content. This is a large part of what makes his site so heavily trafficked and successful.

I know that I will personally be looking to guest post and build a repository of backlinks to the site. And I highly encourage you to do the same.

My favorite article: We analyzed 3.6 billion articles: here’s what we learned…

The Next Step.

You’ve read our list and have soaked up the info. So, what’s next?

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  • Learn a new skill
  • Find potential clients
  • And make money online

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